We’re on your side

We have common goal with clients – to minimize risks, identify possible mistakes in time, enhance their professional reputation, approve the fairness of accounting and financial statements.

We are easy to work with

You can choose the auditor with large experience of working in companies specializing in business activities similar to yours. He will be available personally at every stage of audit course, providing you consulting support and guarantee of misstatements corrections in time.

Quality Guarantees

We’re responsible for audit and consulting service quality. Our professional responsibility insurance is provided by the Alliance Insurance Company. Tax lawyers’ support is offered free of charge. Our mission is to bring real benefits to clients’ business.


Ближайшие семинары

Вы узнаете об особенностях российского и международного налогообложения интеллектуальной собственности при экспорте, об экспортных налоговых рисках компаний и тонкостях возврата НДС при экспорте интеллектуальной собственности .

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Конспекты семинаров

29 июня 2018 года состоялся бизнес-семинар «Налоговые риски бизнеса в России и за рубежом», организованный Московским экспортным центром, компаниями «Правовест Аудит» и «TaxTeam».

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Margarita Druzhinina

Managing Director
Wiseadvice Consulting Group

We understand that besides favorable prices for services another critical factor when choosing an audit company is the business reputation and experience.

We believe that professionalism in conjunction with bona fide and benevolent relationships is a solid foundation for long-term and mutually beneficial collaboration!

More information

Pravovest Audit has run its business since the year of 2005 and today it is one of the leading audit companies in Moscow. Our scope of services varies from compulsory audit with a package approach and useful bonuses to legal disputes. Pravovest Audit is a member of ‘Sodruzhestvo’, Auditing Association, SRO, a member of WiseAdvice Consulting Group.

The company sizes and resources allow us to develop technical infrastructure, automate the significant part of audit procedures, upgrade the skills and qualification of our staff and engage the best specialists

We offer only the service we can carry out with the best results, full responsibility and guarantee of high quality! It is the reason for our good business reputation of excellent and attentive professionals!


  • 10

    Years of excellent audit and consulting services since 2005
  • 4 000

    Audits of companies specializing in different business profiles
  • 100%

    Of internal auditors are reliable and responsive experts
  • 15 500

    Of individual tax, accounting and legal consultations
  • 100 000

    Misstatements have been corrected with our clients as a part of audit and consulting services
  • 9 из 10

    Companies become our long-term clients

Advantages of working with us

Our complex audit includes

  • Verification of primary documents for risk avoiding
  • Analyses of tax records, reporting, provisions disclosure
  • Consulting, timely corrections
  • Additional focus on issues important for you

Free useful bonuses

  • Auditors and tax lawyers consulting
  • VIP-seminars for qualification upgrade (counted as 40 hours in the Institute of Professional Accountants)
  • 1C database audit
  • Due diligence review of contracts
  • Tax burden evaluation

We have common goal with clients – to minimize risks, identify possible mistakes in time, enhance their professional reputation, approve the fairness of accounting and financial statements. We employ an unbiased approach in finding discrepancies in reporting as we know that ‘Не who makes no mistakes, makes nothing’. Thus our task is to provide you with professional advice, save you from mistakes, assist in making corrections during the audit. Our auditors are aware of the latest changes in legislation and willing to share their vast experience with you. You can count on us!

We are glad to introduce the discount system and the loyalty program for our clients. The bonus scheme has been extended to guarantee our clients the highest quality for competitive prices.

We’re on your side!

Choose the professionals

8 495 231-23-21



Olga Novikova

Managing Director of Consulting Department Pravovest Audit Wiseadvice Consulting Group

Specialists of our company have large experience:

4 000 audits;

15 500 consultations;

100 000 mistakes found out and corrected;

hundreds of articles and seminars.

We guarantee a solution to any problem.

More about our clients

Advantages of cooperation with Pravovest Audit have been appreciated by many clients; among them there are both small and famous big companies, with different business profiles.

Large constant successful practice of audit, consulting, tax disputes, articles and seminars allows us to provide high quality of our service.

Clients’ references and their longstanding confidence in our company confirm the effectivity of our proactive approach: ‘To do much more for audit than required”.

We thank our clients for trust and collaboration!

Отзывы и рекомендации

  • Хотим отметить высокий профессиональный уровень, ответственность аудиторов компании, которые зарекомендовали себя как отзывчивые, неравнодушные специалисты, уверенно ориентирующиеся в сложном и постоянно меняющемся законодательстве. Компетентность, внимание к деталям позволяют быстро и эффективно выявлять и устранять возникающие проблемы при ведении бухгалтерского и налогового учета … «ПРАВОВЕСТ Аудит» является надежным деловым партнером, применяющим индивидуальный подход к клиенту, соблюдающим принятые на себя обязательства и сроки их выполнения

    Елена Алексеевна Тихомирова

    Бухгалтер, ООО «Текнолоджи энд Сервис»

  • Мы взаимодействуем на регулярной основе уже несколько лет и убедились в высоком профессионализме Ваших сотрудников , нам приятно отметить их корректность , внимательность к деталям и способность найти наиболее эффективные решения спорных вопросов.

    Петрова Марина Евгеньевна

    Главный бухгалтер, ЗАО «ПФК «БИН»